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#17 Last email of the year. Why I’m doing it.

Wrapping up my year and my motivation.

Dear Friend,

At the end of March this year I saw Rams for the first time. The documentary about Dieter Rams - the most influential designer alive - opened my eyes. I immediately knew that, as a designer and a conscious person, I should start doing my best to apply Rams’ Ten Principles of Good Design to my work and let people know what is good design. It’s why I started to write. 

The Design, Digested series was born out of those many moments during my career where I felt either overwhelmed by information or lacking inspiration. No input, no output, said The Clash’s Joe Strummer. Meaning, if we don’t get inputs from the world and people around us, then we have nothing. 

Sometimes words are not needed or don’t come easy, and that’s the reason I post pictures on my blog. Photography is a big part of who I am, and it feels right to include it.

On my last newsletter of the year, I want to tell you that I will go on. If you’re still interested, I’ll see you sometime around the middle of January. In the meantime, I wish you’ll spend an as pleasant as possible holiday.

Stay safe,
Silvia x

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