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#16 Accepting change, Instagram navigation, Design Digested 15

Back after a two-months hiatus.

Dear Friend,

I looked at my calendar and realised it’s a little over two months since my husband and I moved back to Italy. It’s taking me time to get used to the change, but it’s okay: there is no magic wand, and all we can do is to take it as it is, day after day. This week I have two posts to share with you.

As Instagram introduced significant layout changes — the tabs Reel and Shop — its navigation became convoluted. Let’s briefly explore why.

🔗 How the Instagram navigation became convoluted

Design, Digested 15

The one with the essential read on what’s wrong with digital design, plus:

  • Designing less;
  • How to be more effective;
  • Google Maps the creep;
  • How good design makes you happy;
  • Elliott Erwitt’s take on photography.

🔗 Undoing Toxic Dogmatism; Designing Less; Be More Effective

That’s all from me this week.

Take care,

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