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#13 Something new to share with you and a few changes

This email reaches you from a new country.

Dear Friend,

Almost a month ago I told you that my husband and I were about to leave the UK. We’re now settling in our new, albeit temporary, accommodation. It took us 11 hours to go from Cambridge to the town by the Adriatic sea. Travelling during a pandemic is a long and strange experience, but we made it. As so did our beloved plants and my sourdough starter. I call this a success!

Business is about to go back to usual, with a few changes. Some time ago, I was trying to stay away from social media. To be fair, it’s been easy because the move absorbed all my energy. With more free time and when feeling anxious, I’m back checking my feeds again. That’s why I decided to cut the problem at its roots: read why I deleted my Twitter account. This week, I wrote a new post for Oregano Dangereux, the blog I share with my husband about our journey as immigrants now returning to our home country.

Design, Digested, my design inspiration series, will be back next week. I missed it and can’t wait to resume it and to share more projects with you. In the next few days, I will switch from iPhone to Android. It’s going to be both a massive change and something that will help me from a professional point of view. I will report back on this. In the meantime, wish me luck! That’s all from me. How are you? 

Thank you for reading,

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