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#11 A big life change and something new

Design, Digested goes on holiday with good reasons.

Dear Friend,

How are you? Today I’m in your inbox with a different intent. As my husband and I are preparing to leave the UK, I won’t have enough time to continue with my digest until we’re settled again. In other words, Design, Digested is going on holiday for about a month. After nine years in the UK, we’re moving back to Italy. The plan is to stay there until the pandemic is under control. After that, it’s hard to predict where we’ll go, even if there are a few places in Europe that attract us. 

I’m not going to lie, the past few months were stressful. We wanted to leave in any case before the end of the year, but the pandemic made moving abroad trickier. I’m glad to be able to hit the reset button and relax in a familiar setting. I’ve created a blog to record our thoughts, experiences and memories. It’ll contain posts both in Italian and in English.

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Stay well,
Silvia x

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