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#10 Design, Digested: the all-women edition

Let’s empower and uplift each other.

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to you on a humid Sunday evening. It rained a lot today in Cambridge. On days like this, I used to say that it feels like autumn, but it doesn’t. It is definitely summer, albeit a confusing one: like 2020 has been up until now. Despite a further easing of lockdown restrictions during the weekend here in the UK, I keep staying at home. The only exceptions are a few walks when fewer people are around. How are you coping at the moment?

Last week on my blog, I shared a few Pictures That Make Me Happy. As I continue to stay away from social media, I share pictures on my blog instead. 

This week’s digest was inspired by the upcoming WordPress 5.5 version, which is going to be released by an all-women squad. I think we need more news like this. As a woman in tech, I know how important it is to empower women, giving them opportunities to grow professionally. 

All the women in the digest:

  • The computer scientist and activist who got Big Tech to stand down.
  • The tech ethnographer who explains how algorithmic decision-making can become threats to our lives and communities.
  • The French artist who illustrates how benevolent sexism holds women back.
  • The set designer and design associated who created a display to mark 75 years since the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I hope you enjoy it!

Take care,

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