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Date Title
25 November 2021 Design, Digested 24: User errors, the curb-cut effect, creepy devices
15 November 2021 Design, Digested 23: Imposter syndrome and pockets
09 November 2021 My last letter (from Mailchimp)
03 November 2021 When our hormones work against us and other changes
15 October 2021 Exploring design cultures, and my second week in Milan
04 October 2021 Gender-neutral language, dizziness
02 September 2021 New website launch
21 August 2021 The design industry is broken
23 July 2021 Six months off social media
02 June 2021 Why I couldn’t sketch and new music for you
20 May 2021 Global Accessibility Awareness Day: designing for all
03 May 2021 I didn't know what to tell you
15 April 2021 A forgotten feeling
01 April 2021 The importance of sketching and that knitting site again
04 March 2021 Sensory experiences and designing for inclusion
17 February 2021 I see dark patterns. And you should too
18 January 2021 This is what not being on social media feels like
22 December 2020 Last email of the year. Why I’m doing it.
04 December 2020 Accepting change, Instagram navigation, and Design, Digested #15
27 November 2020 Design, Digested #14: Elimination of violence against women
26 October 2020 Design, Digested #12: Social media issues, complicated products and redesigning capitalism
15 October 2020 Something new to share with you and a few changes
19 September 2020 Last weekend in the UK and what I’m watching
22 August 2020 A big life change and something new
16 August 2020 Design, Digested: the all-women edition
08 August 2020 Inclusive design, problematic social media facts
31 July 2020 A safe and accessible web for everyone
24 July 2020 How a well-known website lost trust of their community
17 July 2020 Biased AI, phone addiction and social media manipulation
10 July 2020 Anti-racist lessons, empathic design, misogyny
26 June 2020 Diversity problems and bias
19 June 2020 Black women in UX, how to foster creativity and an unimpressed Bowie
12 June 2020 Language, Mobile Approach and Responsive Design at 10
05 June 2020 Design, Digested: Solidarity in the design community