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Dark patterns in user interfaces

As the line between encouraging people to use a product and tricking them is thinner than ever, I share a compelling article about dark patterns in UI to help you recognise them. Continua a leggereDark patterns in user interfaces

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Undoing toxic dogmatism; designing less; be more effective

Design, Digested #15 Undoing the toxic dogmatism of digital design How do we start to dismantle and rebuild a system that disempowers and excludes…Continua a leggereUndoing toxic dogmatism; designing less; be more effective

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Design, Digested #11: all-women edition

New instalment of my design inspiration series. A digest of everything that inspires me and helps me become a better designer. This week it’s all about women. Continua a leggereDesign, Digested #11: all-women edition

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Instagram’s Camera On Bug

Instagram is reportedly fixing a bug discovered by a user while testing Apple’s iOS 14 beta version. Continua a leggereInstagram’s Camera On Bug