Fotografia Oggi ho visto

A healthy walk in the pine forest

A pine forest looks and smells so good it’s impossible to resist it. It’s a great feature to have close to home as an alternative to walking on the beach or staring at a screen.

I only had my phone with me, but I took a few pictures before retracing our steps to go back home. It’s been an 8 km hike. Yikes.

Marina di Ravenna's pine forest

Walking does magic to the body, but today my legs remind me that, during the past few months, I’ve been sedentary. As the temperatures warm, it’s easier to think about going out more and keep healthy.

The pine forest features that stillness I used to feel in the mountains. Even if there’s a road on one side, it’s easy to forget about it. The soil, covered with pine needles, is soft. The smell of wood is in the air.

Today I saw the pine forest, but I also inhaled it and felt it.

Di Silvia Maggi

I'm a UX Designer based in Italy. I strive to create meaningful, user-centric experiences. On my blog, I write about about design, tech, their implications in our lives and the occasional photography work.

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