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Glicine in fiore

Il glicine nel cortile sta fiorendo. Ho approfittato del bel tempo per fare un paio di foto.Continua a leggereGlicine in fiore

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The importance of sketching in UX and beyond

Sketching is one of the most important tools a UX Designer should master. Let’s explore why, how, and go beyond. Continua a leggereThe importance of sketching in UX and beyond

UX Design

Travellers’ app UX case study

For my UX portfolio, I created a prototype for an app that gives people access to accurate information about their travel destinations. Check the case study. Continua a leggereTravellers’ app UX case study

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Start designing for inclusion

What does it mean designing for inclusion? Inclusive design is gaining a lot of attention lately, and rightly so. Articles and resources to start. Continua a leggereStart designing for inclusion


The purpose of placebo buttons

Do pedestrian buttons work? Some of them don’t: they’re called placebo buttons. Read about their purpose. Continua a leggereThe purpose of placebo buttons

Fotografia Oggi ho visto

In spiaggia

Gente, mascherine, sole, temperature primaverili. Le foto che ho fatto oggi in spiaggia a Marina di Ravenna.Continua a leggereIn spiaggia