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My colleagues said

Silvia is one of those interface developers that has the great benefit of coming from a design background - yet has a strong technical foundation. This has proven to be a major asset within our web team. She works with a high attention to detail and leaves no stones unturned. Very positive and can-do attitude; a valuable member of the team. Michelle Anderson – Senior Software Engineer

Silvia is one stellar UI/X developer. She combines her outstanding knowledge of design and development to provide you with one talented UI developer than any front-end team would be proud to have on their team. She is passionate, has great attention-to-detail and always completed her time-sheet to me on time without fail every week. I can’t recommend Silvia enough. Neil Palmer – Vice President of Product Development

I’ve been working closely with Silvia during my time in Bodog. It has always been an absolute pleasure to work with her. Silvia is a senior UI expert who is not only passionate about web interfaces, but about curious and interested in learning and staying up-to-date in industry trends. She’s experienced in various fields, like Design, Photoshop comps, Semantic markup. Her eye for beauty and composition was of tremendous help for the team in multiple occasions. A very critical asset for the company. Absolutely recommended! Davide Molin – Fullstack Developer

Silvia was a senior UI dev on one of my projects and I found her very easy to work with. She is hard working, dedicated to what she does and takes pride in her work. She has a good eye for detail and was able to adapt to a stessful project without problem. She would be someone I would enjoy working with in the future. Richard Ashington – Technical Project Manager

The “Three attributes” suggested by LinkedIn are not enough for Silvia. She is absolutely very professional, skilled and accurate. Always on time, she is able to handle emergencies in times of high workload peaks and last minute changes. Alessandro Appodio – Project Manager