Design, Digested 12: Social media content moderation issues

After a two-month hiatus, the design inspiration series is back with a focus on social media content moderation issues, how products get complicated and how a few companies are redesigning capitalism.

Design, Digested #12

What happened when humans stopped managing social media content

As the pandemic took hold of the world, Facebook, Google and Twitter sent their workers home. Algorithms took their place. How did it go?

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To understand Facebook today, read its earliest critics

If you ever thought that Facebook got worse with time, this article will remind you there never was a good Facebook. Joanne McNeil suggests four fascinating reads on the subject.

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Instagram row over plus-size model forces change to nudity policy

Instagram and Facebook will update their policy on nudity to end the discrimination of plus-size black women. The change comes after the successful campaign headed by model Nyome Nicholas-Williams, photographer Alexandra Cameron and campaigner Gina Martin.

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Struggling with growth

The products we design and use can get complicated over time. The co-founder of Fathom explains how it happens. As designers, how do we understand when a product is enough?

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Capitalism needs a redesign, but where do we start?

Nina Montgomery, the author of the newsletter Reimagining Capitalism, studied how a dozen of forward-looking companies are rethinking the way they generate value and who they serve.

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