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Design, Digested 3 – Responsive design at 10

Design inspiration series. This week, language and storytelling, usability, mobile approach, responsive design at 10 and more.

Design, Digested 3 by Silvia Maggi

German Politicians Don’t Talk About The Virus Like Other Nations. Here’s What It Means

Language matters. A lot. Humans thrive on stories: it’s the way our brains encode memories while we make sense of them and find meaning. The words we use to tell stories set the tone and our perception. This is crucial for storytelling in design and life alike.

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Glossier’s Mobile Navigation

This article is about challenging assumptions. Glossier’s user experience department studied how people navigate their site and found that the very commonly used hamburger menu on mobile didn’t work for them. It’s an old article, and in the meantime they redesigned the navigation, but it’s still a good read.

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Don’t Make Me Think – Key Learning Points For UX Design For The Web

Released in the year 2000, Don’t Make Me Think is still one of the defining texts for anyone who works in the web industry. It’s the short, and to-the-point book that set my career firmly towards usability and UX. The article explains its key points.

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Responsive Web Design Turns Ten

Time flies. Ever since the original Responsive Web Design article ten years ago, the way we design and develop websites changed radically. Before, we used to create dedicated mobile websites to be maintained separately. After, we started creating device-agnostic websites. Happy birthday, RWD.

🔗 Read the article (on Ethan Marcotte’s website)

Designing For The Constraints Caused By Social Distance

If social distancing is the new norm for the foreseeable future, we need to understand how to design with this constraint in mind and with regard to what we know about collaboration, privacy, space and expectations.

By Frank Spillers of Experience Dynamic, Inc.
When: Friday June 26th 7am PST; (10am EST; 3pm GMT)

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Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

This week’s digest concludes with another defining text. In 2011, while Responsive Web Design was relatively new, it was common to design a website for larger screens before thinking about how it worked on mobile. However, designing for mobile-first has many advantages. The constraints of mobile help building better experiences.

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