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On the latest letter I sent out on 20 June, I set out my plans for the next few months. Ever felt overwhelmed by the quantity of information found on the internet? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Design, Digested: A newsletter by Silvia Maggi

As the temperatures in this part of Italy hit 32ËšC, I’m reminded how the human body takes time to adapt, and that I’m definitively still a stranger in my own country. Here’s the thing: I don’t want to get used to this.

Let me switch the air conditioner on, so I can tell you with more clarity what’s to come.

Design, Digested is a design newsletter. Yet, I’ve been talking about different things recently, and practically stopped writing about design on my blog. On the one hand, I took a break from the information overload I’ve been experiencing; on the other, I focused my attention on more authoritative UX sources that I’m currently processing.

If you ever got lost in Medium articles and blog posts and felt like you were missing crucial skills, you know what I mean by information overload. In this situation it’s easy to get caught in opinions and trends, wasting time and energy in something that won’t last or doesn’t have solid foundations. I don’t want to get used to this either.

During the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing these UX sources here and on the blog. There will be the other things too – books, TV series, films, games and photography. The frequency of the emails might change as, hopefully, we all spend more time outside this summer.

Take care,

The featured image is a composite with a photo by Flavio Amiel on Unsplash

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I'm a UX Designer based in Italy. I strive to create meaningful, user-centric experiences. On my blog, I write about about design, tech, their implications in our lives and the occasional photography work.

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