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Design, Digested 10 – Inclusive design

On week number 10 of my design inspiration series, I share resources about inclusive design, problematic social media facts, and a great music project.

Design, Digested 10 by Silvia Maggi

Why is designing for inclusion still treated as optional?

Karishma Patel takes us through her journey to integrate accessibility and inclusive design in UX work, and the barriers she encouters. She shares valuable resources and, if you’re interested in more, check the links at the bottom of my article How Rebranding Cost Ravelry the Trust of Their Community.

🔗 Read the article (on Medium)

Legible font (still) one of the biggest accessibility issues in games

Game accessibility has come a long way recently, but legible font is still one of the biggest issues gamers encounter. Karen Stevens, accessibility lead at EA Sports, shares her recommendations.

🔗 Read the article (on Gamasutra)

User Defenders

The following video is a one-hour live episode of the podcast User Defenders recorded in December 2019 at An Event Apart Denver. Jason Ogle, together with Mina Markham, Farai Madzima and Derek Featherstone touch on important topics as accessibility, design inclusion and ethics, hiring and retaining talent and landing a job in UX.

Facebook ignored racial bias research, employees say

Towards the end of July, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was creating new teams to study racial bias on its platforms. The following article explores what happended when its researchers studied how reporting and moderation work and found alarming results.

🔗 Read the article (on NBC News)

Why Tech CEOs in DC is a waste of time

The day before the US’s top tech CEOs appeared before the Congress, Om Malik wrote a compelling post on why he thinks the historic event is not going to drive change.

🔗 Read the blog post (on OM)

Twitter in turmoil after month of crisis leads to concerns over leadership

Less than a month ago, Twitter suffered an unprecedented security breach. The last article for this week describes why Twitter is terribly vulnerable, slow in making changes to the platform and in moderating its content. It’s terrifying.

🔗 Read the article (on The Guardian)

A Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot On A B-29

On 6 of August 2020, Japan marked 75 years since the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. Around the same time, two young men escaped from Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Berlin. One of them was Minutes to Midnight‘s grandfather.

Watch the official video of the song A Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot On A B-29, the second song from the concept album After 1989: A Trip to Freedom. Disclaimer: Minutes to Midnight is my husband. I’m sharing his music because I believe it’s a unique and touching project. Check his YouTube channel to discover the entire album.

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