Design, Digested 17: Start designing for inclusion

The following articles and resources are a good start to understand how biases influence our work and what to pay attention to when starting a new project.

Design, Digested #17

For Stacie Sheldon, an American Indian UX professional, it all starts with words.

Inclusive design makes people feel welcome, safe, and valued. It prevents frustration and demeaning experiences. It remembers that language has power.

β€” Stacie Sheldon

πŸ”— From scientific racism to inclusive design (on Medium)

Designing for inclusion also means thinking about how the design of content can create barriers for some people.

Regardless of the tactics, designing inclusive content models begins by acknowledging the political work that these models perform and asking whom they include or exclude from participation.

β€” Daniel Carter, Carra Martinez

πŸ”— Designing Inclusive Content Models (on A List Apart)

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