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Design, Digested 6 – Anti-Racism, misogyny of the workforce

Design inspiration series. This week: four anti-racism lessons, Don Norman doesn’t believe in empathic design and working in tech as a woman.

Design, Digested 6 by Silvia Maggi
Image credits - Angelina Bambina/Adobe Stock, XD Ideas, Vox

4 Lessons On Anti-Racism From Brené Brown And Ibram X. Kendi

The root of racism is self-interest, say Brené Brown and Ibram X. Kendi. They offer us four valuable lessons to add to our anti-racist toolbox. You’ll find the entire podcast at the bottom of the article. What I found most striking is that shame doesn’t help anyone. Instead, we need to have honest conversations and accept that we’ll make mistakes along the way.

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Why I Don’t Believe In Empathic Design

Don Norman — human-centred design pioneer — explains why he thinks the concept of empathy in design is impossible; wrong even. In human-centred processes, empathy is always the starting point; we can’t build a product people will use without empathising with them, understanding their needs. Norman argues that designers can’t empathise with anyone’s condition. He offers his take on what we should do instead. Make sure to watch the video, as it explains very well his approach and the designers’ role.

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Cookies UX: Just Stop the Madness

Ever since the EU introduced GDPR rules in 2016, the cookies pop-up has become a familiar part of our lives. As the law tightened, the consent boxes became more complex, with some brands making it almost impossible to understand the options and make an informed decision. Those are the sites I usually skip, convinced that I could make a better use of my time. Rachel McConnell shows us a few examples, ugly and good.

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To The People Who Told Me To “Think Like A Man”

Jess Vergara’s message is simple: stop contributing to the misogyny of the workforce. Embrace yourself, all women, be inclusive of all women. Jess’ is an excellent article, where she tells her experience and shares resources to help to fix the problem. The lack of women in the tech industry is a problem, which cannot be solved if we keep denying our identities.

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How The Inventor Of Mario Designs A Game

Let’s finish this week’s digest with a smile. I recently rediscovered the pleasure of playing video games and how they can take our minds off the news and the current uncertain times we’re living. Super Mario Bros. is still one of my favourite games. The very first screen is the perfect example of how to explain a game without manuals: all you need to know is there, the rest you can learn along the way — something to keep in mind when it comes to onboarding experiences of digital products or websites.

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