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Design, Digested 4 – Black women in UX, foster creativity

Design inspiration series. Black women in UX, how to foster creativity, and the time David Bowie scolded MTV.

Design, Digested 4 by Silvia Maggi
Image credits - Ann O., Stephanie McCabe

Black Women In UX: The World Was Not Designed For us, But It Can Be Redesigned

Product Designer Ann O. shares her experience as a black woman in UX. White people designed the world for white people, and now it’s the right time for a redesign. It starts with empathy and representation.

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IBM Abandons Facial Recognition Products, Condemns Racially Biased Surveillance

IBM will no longer provide facial recognition technology to police departments for mass surveillance and racial profiling, Arvind Krishna, IBM’s chief executive, wrote in a letter to Congress. A bold move: will other big companies follow?

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3 Personal Habits That Will Foster Your Creativity

Creativity is often associated with lightbulb moments, strokes of genius and the ability to think outside the box. In reality, having a structure and a routine helps significantly in being both creative and productive.

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What Coronavirus Reveals About The World’s Culture

If a person reveals their real character in a crisis, the same is valid for a country. This article is a compelling read that observes how various countries dealt with the pandemic and the lockdowns, revealing what matters to them most.

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David Bowie Criticizes MTV For Not Playing Videos By Black Artists (1983)

As a big fan of David Bowie’s, I was delighted to see this video widely shared on Twitter last week. Bowie becomes the interviewer while he calls out MTV on racism, but the answers he gets don’t impress him — and rightly so.

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