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Design, Digested 50 – About Don Norman, HTML semantics, Women in type history

On the last issue of the year, a couple of good articles and a compelling website to explore.

About Don Norman

[…] his increasingly fraught relationship with women and people of color in the design community demonstrates that he’s failed to internalize the very lessons he’s trying to teach.

In recent years, there have been disturbing incidents where Don Norman has shown intolerance towards women of colour. I have refrained from commenting on them, waiting for the right source to quote. I’ve been mulling on this article for months – there is a lot to take in – and now the time has come to share it. It is a balanced account that calls Norman out without cancelling him.

🔗 Read The problem with Don Norman on Fast Company

HTML semantics

Somehow my students are allergic to semantics and shit. And they’re not alone. If you look at 99% of all websites in the wild, everybody who worked on them seems to be allergic to semantics and shit.

Vasilis van Gemert offers an interesting angle in how to get students excited about HTML. That is, teaching how the most important interactive elements influence people’s experiences on the web.

🔗 Read The UX of HTML on HTMLHell

Women in type history

It focuses on their roles and responsibilities between 1910 and 1990 within two major British companies: the Monotype Corporation and Linotype Limited (formerly Linotype-Paul Ltd and Linotype-Hell Ltd).

Yet another area where women have been overlooked.

🔗 Visit the website Women in type

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