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Design, Digested 49 – Fake inclusion, bumpy rides, culture matters

Three articles I read lately and found either interesting and useful or worrying.

Fake inclusion

This is damaging to all women in tech, even the ones that have nothing to do with the conference.

A tech conference has been cancelled after it was revealed it featured fake women speakers. There are not enough women willing to speak at conferences, and I’m not sure what needs to be done. But this is wrong, and surely not a solution.

🔗 Read Tech conference canceled after using AI to generate fake women speakers on Futurism

Bumpy rides

Car companies, are you hard up on cash? Your swan dive into the data biz is worrying us.

Remember when all you had to think about when hopping on a car was put on your seatbelt, drive carefully and enjoy the ride? No more. Your new and connected car knows too much about you, and car companies are selling your data.

🔗 Read What data does my car collect about me and where does it go? on Privacy Not Included

Culture matters

Some cultures have learned to embrace uncertainty and quickly adapt, others could rely on a predictable and stable life.

How does your country rank in the uncertainty avoidance index? Italy, where I was born and raised, scores 75. The United Kingdom, where I live, scores 35. That’s a big change! It affects work, school and innovation.

🔗 Read Risk tolerance: why some countries prefer more complex UIs on Medium

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