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Design, Digested 48 – Culture influences design, UX for older adults, bad use of AI

Three articles I read last week and found either interesting and useful or worrying.

Culture influences design

The explanation behind the loudness of the style of graphics of TV shows and websites in various cultures.

Culture conditions the way we see the world and has many dimensions. Bas Wallet championed femininity and masculinity to illustrate the different ways information is visually presented. Following this framework, Italy, the UK and US are masculine, while the Scandinavian countries are feminine.

🔗 Read Why are CNN, FOX, and US websites visually so aggressive? on Medium

UX for older adults

As populations around the world rapidly age, designing inclusive digital experiences for older adults has become an imperative for UX professionals.

Dr Maria Panagiotidi thoroughly explains the physical and cognitive changes that affect the digital experience of older adults. She provides practices to accomodate these changes, which unsurprisingly overlap with the WCAG design principles.

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Bad use of AI

Experts are worried that books produced by ChatGPT for sale on Amazon, which target beginner foragers, could end up killing someone.

I do not believe that artificial intelligence will steal our jobs. The skills and knowledge of experts will always be needed. As in the case of disinformation, we must be cautious and check the sources of the content we consume. AI is prone to errors, and the ones Samantha Cole writes about are very dangerous.

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