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Design, Digested 46 – The UX of Wise, alternatives to surveys, accessible numbers

On this issue: How Wise compare against Revolut and Starling, the many ways to understand users, how to present numbers and data clearly.

Wise: UX without borders

How does Wise compare against services like Revolut and Starling? Peter Ramsey researched it.

🔗 Read the case study Wise: UX without borders on Build for Mars

The rhythm of your screen

When it comes to understanding how people engage with your designs on screens, you should be asking about attention, not scrolling. […] Scrolling is an inattentive act. Scanning is partial attention. Reading is focused attention.

🔗 Read the article The rhythm of your screen on Christopher Butler’s website

60 ways to understand user needs that aren’t focus groups or surveys

People new to user research often think of surveys and focus groups as the main ways to get insights into customer needs. Here are 60 alternative ideas you might want to try.

🔗 Read the article 60 ways to understand user needs that aren’t focus groups or surveys on Medium

Accessible numbers

How to present numbers and data clearly for people with dyscalculia, low numeracy and maths anxiety.

🔗 Visit the website Accessible numbers

What languages dominate the internet?

It’s estimated that around 63% of living humans now have access to the internet, which would put the number of digitally connected people at just over 5 billion in sum. Those people come from all across the planet, and potentially speak thousands of different languages. If you search, you can find hundreds of languages online, from Urdu to Catalan.

🔗 Read the article What languages dominate the internet? on Rest of world

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