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Design, Digested 41 — Big Tech’s big downgrade, UX office politics, and more

On this issue: the deterioration of Big Tech’s products, how to navigate UX office politics, and more.

Big Tech’s big downgrade

The tech products that made our lives easier in the 2000s and early 2010s are getting worse – on purpose. We all experienced this deterioration and yet, this is a compelling read.

🔗 Read the article Big Tech’s big downgrade on Business Insider

Why don’t your colleagues approve your mockups? UX office politics explained

A very helpful and well explained 6-point guide on how to get your designs approved. Plus, cats.

🔗 Read the article Why don’t your colleagues approve your mockups? UX office politics explained on Medium

Design notes on the 2023 Wikipedia redesign

For the past few years, Alex Hollender worked on the Wikipedia redesign that launched on January. Here are his notes on the project, and how design decisions get approval.

🔗 Check the article Design notes on the 2023 Wikipedia redesign on Alex Hollender’s website

The UX Cookbook

Handcrafted recipes to get you started with everything UX — user research, design, usability testing, and more.

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