Design, Digested 38 – Green accessibility, Braille, the state of mobile UX

The intersection between sustainability and accessibility, World Braille Day, the state of mobile UX and more.

The advent of Green Digital Accessibility

In December 2022, the first International Green Digital Accessibility conference took place in Barcelona. The intersection between sustainability and accessibility is full of very inspiring and exciting opportunities. Tom Greenwood gave a keynote talk and wrote about the whole experience.

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The state of mobile user experience

The fifth edition of Nielsen Norman Group’s mobile report is out.

Fifteen years from the original iPhone, the quality of mobile user experience has stabilized.

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The technology of compassion

Ever since 2019, January the 4th is World Braille Day. The following is an interesting write-up about the story of Louis Braille and how he developed the tactile writing system that helps blind and visually impaired people communicate.

🔗 Read the article The Technology of Compassion on Parisian Fields

Atkinson Hyperlegible font

The Braille Institute created and made free for everyone to use a new typeface that offers greater legibility and readability for low vision readers.

🔗 See and download the Atkinson Hyperlegible font on the Braille Institute’s website

Life, the UX-verse and everything

Lisa Angela, who wrote a great article on the toxic pragmatism of digital design, is leaving the UX field.

And whenever I initiate public discussions about design work satisfaction, I find these feelings are pretty universal — the more you care, the more disappointed you are. Not disappointed with the actual functional duties of the job but with the neverending compromises and tenuous respect the role commands.

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