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Design, Digested 25 – Blue Beanie Day, UX of checkout flows, Ikea names

This week: celebrating the web standards with Blue Beanie Day, accessibility, the current state of checkout UX, the meaning of Ikea names, and more.

Design, Digested 25 by Silvia Maggi

Blue Beanie Day

Ever since 2007, November 30 marks the invitation to design accessible, web-standards-based websites. Check also Jeffrey Zeldman’s seminal book Designing with Web Standards.

🔗 Read about it (on Wikipedia)

The endless search for “here” in the unhelpful “click here” button

Accessibility advocate Eric Bailey explains how “click the button below” can be confusing to those of us who use the web differently. What if you’re using a screen reader? What if there’s no ‘click’ on your device?

🔗 Read the article (on Stark Lab)

Crossing the digital divide: Chinese seniors get smart tech support

From redesign of smart devices to crash courses on tech use, China is bridging its digital divide to help senior citizens with new technology.

🔗 Read the article (on CGTN)

The current state of checkout UX - 18 common pitfalls & best practices

Baymard Institute’s 12 years of large-scale checkout usability testing consistently found the checkout design and flow to frequently be the sole cause for users abandoning their cart.

🔗 Read the article (on Baymard Institute)

Drawing a tree: uncommon vintage Italian meditation on the existential poetics of diversity and resilience through the art and science of trees

Bruno Munari — visionary Italian artist, designer, inventor, futurist and visual philosopher — explored the life-affirming dialogue between a tree’s predestined structure and its living shape in his 1978 Drawing a tree.

🔗 Read the article (on The Marginalian)

Discover the originals

Toftan, Ektorp, Voxnan, Hemsjö, Kallax … These are all beautiful places in Sweden. Yet, most people associate these names with waste bins, sofas, bath towels, block candles and shelf systems. And it’s all because of a blue and yellow giant. This is a nice, funny campaign from Visit Sweden.

🔗 Read the article (on Visit Sweden)

The IKEA Dictionary

Most of Ikea names categorised and explained by Lars Petrus.

🔗 Consult the dictionary

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