Dark patterns in user interfaces

Recently, I read a couple of compelling blog post about dark patterns in user interfaces copy. An essential read to understand what they are, how they’re used to deceive people and how to recognise them.

Design, Digested 16 by Silvia Maggi

The many examples of UI dark patterns in the articles show how shady the internet has become, with the line between encouraging people to use a product and tricking them into handing over personal data or money being thinner than ever. The articles are an essential read if you are:

  • A designer, so that you’re aware of the many practises and how you can push back if your company uses them.
  • A person who navigates the internet and uses services.
  • Interested in exploring ethical and privacy-focused alternatives to the most used services.

Read the articles

Important note

While an article here mentions ’dark patterns’, and I used the term elsewhere on my website, there is a conversation around the bad connotation it has and the use of the adjective ’dark’. I will update the language I use to be more inclusive and not discriminatory: my preference is ’deceptive patterns’.


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