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Fear, AI bias and Enzo Mari legacy

On the design inspiration new instalment: the role of fear in our lives and how it affects decision-making, how bias in AI happens and the legacy of “giant” of Italian design Enzo Mari.

Design, Digested 13, The role of fear in our lives and how it affects decision-making, how AI bias happens and the legacy of giant of Italian design Enzo Mari.
Image credits - MS. TECH, PIXOLOGICSTUDIO/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY; Christian Briggs, Daniel Skrok and The Interaction Design Foundation, copyright terms and license - CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0; Ramak Fazel.

Be afraid! The silent role of fear in decision making

Fear plays a predominant role in our lives. Businesses and products succeed by leveraging this emotion. This article illustrates how they do it, and what we can do as designers to apply this knowledge ethically.

🔗 Read the article (on IDF)

This is how AI bias really happens—and why it’s so hard to fix

We all know that AI has bias, but how does it happen and why is the problem hard to fix?

🔗 Read the article (on MIT Technology Review)

A bold new era of public services

It’s the year 2025, and the pandemic changed the way governments meet the needs of people. IDEO developed six stories to explore how the future might look like. This is the first of the series.

🔗 Read the article (on Medium)

“Giant” of Italian design Enzo Mari dies aged 88

Uncompromising and prolific designer Enzo Mari stood by his political beliefs and the idea of creating well-designed items for ordinary people his entire career.

🔗 Read the article (on Dezeen), and the obituary (on The Guardian)

The font that escaped the Nazis and landed on the moon

You know Futura, you’ve seen it many times. But did you know its story?

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