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Isolation Photo Diary

Between the ups and downs of the global pandemic and lockdown, I kept taking pictures. I intended to have a photo diary to describe my take on isolation and the extraordinary circumstances we’re living.

A hand on a bed between a duvet and pillow
White sheets on the bed after waking up
Isolation photo diary: a male’s hand over a female’s thigh

Time seemed to have lost its meaning; some days were painfully long, while it felt like Spring ended too quickly.

The interior of a bedroom showing a white chest of drawers with a crassula plant and a white rounded lamp on it
Isolation photo diary: two holding hands on a duvet

As family and friends were safe, it became clear that mulling over the news and social media was not an option. 

A bunch of knapweed against the afternoon light

Instead, it’s been a period of introspection, studies and observations, alternated with moments of anxiety because of the lack of clarity on the future. 

Isolation photo diary: a yellow goat’s beard’s seedhead
Isolation photo diary: a yellow goat’s beard’s seedhead

I’m still mostly isolating and avoiding all unnecessary activities. Nevertheless, it feels like this isolation photo diary should be over, and give way to a different period, one with hope and plans in sight. 

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By Silvia Maggi

I'm a UX Designer based in Italy. I strive to create meaningful, user-centric experiences. On my blog, I write about about design, tech, their implications in our lives and the occasional photography work.

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