Social Media

Life off social media, six months in

I tell you what happened when I quit social media six months ago, and why I don’t want to come back. Continue readingLife off social media, six months in

Design Digested

Information overload

On information overload and my plans for the newsletter Design, Digested.Continue readingInformation overload

Photography Today I Saw

Entrance with art

How is it to live close to so much beauty? Art, architecture, poetry, food. This entrance is just the start.Continue readingEntrance with art

Creativity Design

Learning to draw: a journey

As much as wanted to, I couldn’t sketch every day. I’d stare at the blank page, not knowing what to draw, and then give up. So I started a new journey.Continue readingLearning to draw: a journey


My latest letter

Every couple of weeks, I write a letter to the nice people subscribed to Design, Digested. This is the one where I didn’t know what to write.Continue readingMy latest letter

Creativity Photography

The time I made two music videos

‘After 1989: A trip to freedom’ is my husband Simone’s debut solo album, and an emotional journey. I documented it with pictures and created two music videos.Continue readingThe time I made two music videos