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Wisteria in bloom

As the weather warms, the wisteria in the yard is blooming. I took a couple of pictures of it.Continue readingWisteria in bloom

Design Digested UX

The importance of sketching in UX and beyond

Sketching is one of the most important tools a UX Designer should master. Let’s explore why, how, and go beyond. Continue readingThe importance of sketching in UX and beyond

UX Design

Travellers’ app UX case study

For my UX portfolio, I created a prototype for an app that gives people access to accurate information about their travel destinations. Check the case study. Continue readingTravellers’ app UX case study

Design Digested Design

Start designing for inclusion

What does it mean designing for inclusion? Inclusive design is gaining a lot of attention lately, and rightly so. Articles and resources to start. Continue readingStart designing for inclusion


The purpose of placebo buttons

Do pedestrian buttons work? Some of them don’t: they’re called placebo buttons. Read about their purpose. Continue readingThe purpose of placebo buttons

Photography Today I Saw

At the beach

People, face masks, sun, mild temperatures: pictures I took today at the beach in Marina di Ravenna. Continue readingAt the beach